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AlterNacija Video Stream

We present you with various characters, creatures, techniques and gadgets we use to infuse an event with flavor, energy.

  1. AlterNacija // Serbia Wonderland vs TC Stadion 14.02.-15.02.2014.

    We want to share with you one of our regular weekends full of diversity. First part of the clip presents AlterNacija fire performance on Serbia Wonderland "Vatreno nebo" edition, and second part is our stilt performance on Svet "Shopping Day" in TC Stadion. 5K people warehouse party on friday VS Shopping Mall animation on saturday. You have the honor to select a winner. Enjoy!

    Samsung Galaxy S2

    Fire costumes
    White Fairy

    Tatjana Štricki
    Anđelka Srdija
    Milana Adžić
    Ivan Rodić
    Dušan Simonović

    Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (Original)

  2. AlterNacija // EXIT Best European Festival Celebration 25.01.2014.

    Our appearance on EXIT Best European Festival Celebration Party and lots of fun with GoPro.

    Cyber K.MT
    Steam Saints

    Shadow Child - 23 (ft. Tymer)

  3. Laser Mirror Dance test

    Test of our new performance and costume - Laser Mirror Dance.

    Dance by Lana Adžić
    Costume by Nataša Vranešević

  4. AlterPerformers // The AlterFreaks 2011.

    Selection of our best costumes and characters, produced 2009-2011:

    iPunk Silver
    iPunk Black
    Steam Saints
    eRobotics 2.0

  5. AlterPerformers // Aerial Acrobatics

    Sensual and breathtaking aerial acrobatics by our lovely AlterLadies, and one of our favorite costumes: Harlottes.

  6. AlterPerformers // Fire Performance

    Assortment of various fire props wielded by our performers and acrobats.

    Props used: poi, staff, sparkling poi, fire fan, torches

    Appearing: Beba, Daca, Stavro, Nemanja, Agi



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